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Why Choose

North American Telecom?

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Why choose North American Telecom? A good question, and one with many answers:

Custom Hosted Solutions Provider
  • Advanced hosted solutions, 2 to 4,000 users, multiple locations
  • State of the art equipment, all major brands
Comprehensive Capabilities
  • Leading provider of onsite telephone installation and telephone maintenance services
  • One of today’s largest and most well-qualified Avaya business partners
  • Broad range of services including new telephone system installations, computer telephone integrations, Voice Over IP, add-ons, moves, changes, equipment maintenance and service, and certified training for Avaya SMBS systems
Wide Service Network
  • More than 150 affiliates throughout North and Central America
  • More than 1,000 expert telecom installers and telecom technicians—the largest telecom workforce in America
24/7 Availability & Next-Day Service
  • Guaranteed 24-hour confirmation of every telephone installation order
  • Guaranteed telephone system installation within 5 working days
  • Next-day service if required
  • 24/7 toll-free service number for North American Telecom customers
Low Costs
  • Some of the lowest rates in the industry
  • 20% to 40% cost savings over our competitors
Single-Contract Pricing
  • Fee schedule includes contractual installation flat fees; contractual subsequent installation fees; and contractual evening, weekend, and holiday fees
Single-Invoice System
  • Simple administrative processes for multi-location customers
  • One monthly invoice that recaps repair calls by location, new additions, new wire runs, or other activity
Network Cabling
  • Qualified to provide network cabling, including Category 3, Category 5, and Category 6, as well as fiber-optics cabling
  • Expert  voicemail system installation, programming, and training services
Remote Diagnostics & Programming
  • Remote access and programming changes for Definity, IP Office, Legend, Magix, One-X, and Partner Systems
Site Surveys
  • Complete analysis of your phone, cable, and physical plant for upgrades, add-ons, moves, and changes
Product Registration
  • IL/Product Registration for Avaya Post-Warranty Maintenance
  • All telecom systems registered after installation

North American Telecom has been helping businesses create robust, cost-effective communication solutions for more than 25 years. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation and onsite business survey, call 843-815-0455 or contact us today!