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Business Call Recording

Whether for compliance, quality management, or customer peace of mind, the recording of business calls stands to protect your company in many different ways. Make sure that all of your critical business calls are documented with Business Call Recording, Inc.

An North American Telecom affiliate company, Business Call Recording, Inc. offers a highly effective voice logging system at substantial cost savings. Business Call Recording is made possible by Revcord, a fully web-based phone call monitoring and recording system.

Extremely easy to use, Revcord provides the power to monitor unproductive or dishonest employees, resolve verbal billing or contractual disputes, or train employees with live, real-time monitoring. Revcord usually pays for itself within one month of use.

North American Telecom and Business Call Recording are pleased to be able to offer Revcord to our customers at an exclusive money-saving rate. For more information, visit BusinessCallRecording.com today.